Apart from the feel good factor of associating with the PERSCO, which is synonymous with academic excellence and has made enormous impact on the global stage through the achievements and exploits of its products in the fields of medicine, engineering, academia, business among others, the awakened PERSCOBA is offering you the following tangible benefits and/or incentives to be part of this exciting family.

1. Lifelong commitment to your alma matter The period of 3, 5 or 7 years we spent at St. Peters Secondary School shaped our academic formative years and equipped us with skills that have enabled us to be successful and exemplary in our various life endeavors. As a Perscoba and member of the Old Boys Association, you are presented with an opportunity to reinvest in the school that invested in you. The Old Boys' Association allows you to show your lifetime commitment to your alma matter through projects and programs that transform and touch the lives of the current and unborn generation.

2.Business Networking Our old students include several Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs who are starting up and/ or managing their own economic enterprises. The alumni association provides for opportunities for these individuals to network and share ideas, offer support for others who may be thinking of starting their own economic ventures. Additionally, each old student has access to a network that consists of several individuals ready willing and able to make available the sharp business acumen.

3. Social Networking St. Peters brought together a group of people from diverse backgrounds. We built friendships and made acquaintances during our years at St Peters. Life after St. Peters has taken us to different places. The alumni association provides us with great opportunities to maintain and keep those bonds we cultivated at St. Peters. Conscious efforts are underway to create several platforms based on profession, location, interest among others for members of the association to tap into for networking purposes. In addition, a number of very entertaining and exciting social activities are being lined up with the help of professional event organizers and these will form the highlights of the PERSCOBA Annual Calendar.

4. Mentoring Our post St Peters experiences have shaped us greatly. We must share those experiences with the next generation of students who will pass through the hallways and corridors of St Peters. Ever wondered how you can do this? The alumni association is an excellent way for you to have an impact on the next generation of Persco menas by mentoring one. Support Network Life events can be unpredictable. When unpredictable events happen multiple coping mechanisms are always helpful. The Alumnni association serves as an important support network in the event that a Perscoba faces any such unpredictable life event. Additionally, through member contributions, corporate solicitations and fund management our reserves will be used to award scholarships, fund projects to help advance the cause of the school and support all members.

6. Career Resources We will provide Perscoba with resources and opportunities to enhance their careers. Conscious efforts will be made by the Association to groom and develop young members graduating from tertiary institutions and entering professional associations such as medicine, law, banking, accounting, etc. where some hand holding and tutelage is required. Avenues for industrial attachments within institutions managed by PERSCOBA will also be encouraged.

7. Discounts We will partner with institutions and organizations where Perscoba can get discounts on purchases. Ultimately the possibility of developing a branded card for this purpose will be explored.

8. Travel benefits/support We will identify a network of well-established Perscoba across the globe who can serve as useful support in times of difficulties during foreign travels by members of the Association.

9. Increased visibility for the Persco brand We are currently working closely with some brand experts to rebrand and build an attractive Persco Brand with an extensive presence on social media with the hashtag #iamperscoba. The main objective is to project to the world what it means to be a Perscoba- Excellence

If these characteristics describe how you lead your life or the life you wish to attain, then Perscoba is for you.

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